Suppliers Face a Number of Challenges in the Area of Cost Estimating and Quoting

Estimating Inconsistency

The majority of suppliers develop set-up and cycle time cost estimates based on experience, which can lead to:

  • Quote inconsistencies from estimator to estimator.
  • Similarly quoted parts that have wide cost variances.
  • Fluctuations in accuracy, resulting in lost bids or loser jobs.
  • Customers that lose faith in the quotes being submitted.
Automatic Feature Recognition

Quote Throughput


The time to develop a cost estimate and quote when using manual methods can be extremely time consuming, causing shops to be late or even miss RFQ deadlines.


This can result in lost business and unhappy customers.

“Instead of taking six months to train estimators on the ins and outs of our business, all the necessary ‘tribal knowledge’ is built into the database and the cost models, making it possible for a layman estimator to hit the ground running… we’re now calculating intricate, detailed jobs in minutes.”

- Shane Goerzen, Kitchen Craft

Complicated Spreadsheets

Your current spreadsheet or homegrown cost estimating software has one or more of the following issues:

  • It’s complicated and difficult to use.
  • It is no longer being supported.
  • No-one knows the underlying data being used to generate the times/costs.
  • The data cannot be easily modified.
  • It lacks data-integrity protection.

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Complicated Spreadsheets

Lack of Detail

More customers are requiring detailed back-up information to, rationalize the quotes to their suppliers are providing. If this information is not available (because estimates are being done by experience rather than scientifically), your customers will quickly Iose faith in the quotes being provided, causing them to look to other suppliers to source their parts.

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