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Analysis of Supplier's Expenses

Should Cost Estimating Software with Costimator

Should costing is an analysis (typically performed by OEM's or engineering firms on behalf of their OEM customers) of a supplier's expenses involved in manufacturing a part or assembly.

The purpose of should costing is to arrive at a cost estimate, which can guide negotiations and compare to quotes provided by suppliers. Should costing is often used by procurement in an attempt to lower product costs.

The traditional processes in arriving at a should cost was very manual, timely, labor-intensive. In a large organization, the engineering department typically arrives at a "should" cost for a product. Often this estimate is achieved by either looking at the costs paid in the past for similar products or based on the experience of the person coming up with the estimate.

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Should costing can complement strategic sourcing

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Should costing can complement strategic sourcing or be used as an alternative method. In strategic sourcing an organization simply compares the quotes of at least three suppliers for a product and makes sourcing selections based on that data alone.


Industry Validated Data for Should Cost Estimating Software

The majority of which are suppliers of machined, fabricated and molded parts and assemblies. The system contains thousands of manufacturing process cost models and time standards that have been developed, utilized and validated by our customers for over 4 decades. Costimator contains average machine hour labor rates for over 30 countries, as reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) and other trusted industry sources.

The Costimator Speed & Feed library contains over 2,000 grades of material with S&F references for a wide range of cutting tools.

Simply put, we have a comprehensive library of any part or source you can think of, because we have built Costimator with the customers in mind.

Should Cost

Costimator has been utilized by nearly 2,000 manufacturing organizations worldwide since 1982.


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