Computer Aided Process Planning for Manufacturers (CAPP)

Computer Aided Process Planning for Manufacturers (CAPP)

Manufacturing Process Planning

Frederick Winslow Taylor, the famous efficiency standard engineer, who figured out that to improve manufacturing time you must first have a plan. In some part, his actions influenced the beginnings of proving that a shop with a plan will do better than one with none.

The name for this process planning is called… Manufacturing Process Planning. It's been around since the early 1900's. In the computer world, it's known as CAPP (Computer-Aided Process Planning) software. Many CAPP articles have been written prescribing different estimating methods for producing the manufacturing process plan.

Manufacturing Process Planning Image

Manufacturing Process Planning Image

We find that not many estimating software vendors have developed a program specifically for process planning. Either the marketplace lacks demand for such a product or companies have tried to satisfy their needs via MRP, ERP or SPREADSHEET programs, which are not process planning systems. This writing is about one product that solves process planning for manufacturing. With it, the manufacturing engineer can produce a reliable computer assisted process plan in a very short amount of time. Register for a free demonstration

There are only four steps to this process planning:

The user enters the part information such as part number and material type. Machining data such as speeds and feeds, tooling and fixturing, material type, handling time, tool life, gauging, machinability, PF&D (personal fatigue and delay) are automatically calculated in the background.

The user selects the work centers to be used to create the part in the process plan. Processes like CNC Machining, Turning, Laser, Grinding, Press Brake and Inspection are just a few of the equipment and processes available in the system. As the user selects the operations, the program begins the development of calculating manufacturing times. Operation sheets with graphics are attached to each operation as needed. 

The user reviews the detail of each operations such as tooling requirements, number of passes, cutting distances, and handling standards such as load/unload, indicate and more.

Lastly, the user can drag and drop operations within the same plan or even drag and drop between plans on the screen. This feature enables the user to have multiple plans at the same time for convenience and speed. Once satisfied with the results, the user can now print or send the plan wherever needed.

This cost estimating software program, Costimator, was developed by MTI Systems, Inc who continues to implement this cost estimating and process planning software system in companies around the globe. Register for a free demonstration.

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"Costimator is an integral part of our best-in-class technologies. We use the system to estimate the time and cost to manufacture precision-engineered components and assemblies for aerospace, power generation, defense and other advanced technology industries. We require estimating software that is easy to use and works in every facet of our operations; from fabrication to five-axis machining. Our engineers working along with process technicians and toolmakers rely on Costimator's speed, accuracy, and consistency to win orders and ensure profitability."

- Dave Cybart, Engineering and Tooling Manager, Rich Technology International

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