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Costimator® Cost Estimating & Quoting Software for Manufacturing

of Parts

Costimator® creates cost estimates of
machined parts with or without the aid of a 3D model.

Sheet Metal

Costimator® can quote sheet metal parts
quickly, accurately, and consistently with hundreds of cost models.

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About Costimator® Manufacturing Software

Estimating & Quoting

Costimator is cost estimating and quoting software designed for the manufacturing industry. Costimator can be utilized with or without the aid of a 3D model and comes pre-loaded with hundreds of industry-validated cost models (cycle time calculators).

  • Worldwide Manufacturing Estimating

    Estimating with or without CAD, Manufacturing Data Libraries and ERP Integration.

  • Quick, Precise & Consistent

    Choose Costimator for fast, accurate, and consistent quotes to win jobs and increase profits.


Estimator Solutions

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Cycle Time
Cost Models

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Activity Based
Time Standards

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Speed and Feed Grades

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Times and Costs

Feature-Based Machining Cost Estimating Software for Parts

Costimator provides quick and consistent quote turnaround

Costimator comes with hundreds of cost models (labor time calculators) that use industry-validated machine shop strategies and formulas (speeds and feeds, machine specific capabilities, tool change times, etc.) to generate cycle times.

feature based
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Costimator Cost Models

mig welding

Weld Time Cost Model

Mig Welding

laser cutting

Laser Cutting Cost Model

Laser Cutting

slot milling

Slot Milling Cost Model

Machined Slot

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