Estimating Machining Parts Times and Costs

Feature-Based Machining Cost Estimating Software for Parts

Machine shops need to have a fast, accurate and consistent methods of estimation of times and costs for parts. This is especially important today, as quote turnaround and accuracy are crucial to winning a job. The estimating process that most closely follows the machining procedures used to manufacture a part is feature-based cost estimation. Manufacturing time and cost is determined by various factors, including part shape, complexity, precision and finish.

Costimator comes with hundreds of feature-based cost models (labor time calculators) that use industry validated machine shop strategies and formulas (speeds and feeds, machine specific rapid traverse, tool change times, etc.) to generate cycle times, so cost estimating is not only much faster than traditional methods but extremely accurate and consistent. Costimator users that have access to 3D models can take advantage of the system's 3Dfx tool, which uses a proprietary feature recognition technology to extract and automatically push the data to the Costimator cost models, dramatically speeding up the estimating process.

Costimator feature based method
Increase Quoting Throughput by up to 90%

3Dfx for Machining Estimating

Estimating a milling job with Costimator 3D, which uses the CAD file to increase speed.

3Dfx utilizes feature recognition technology to automatically identify and group topological entities into machining features, such as pockets, holes and outside diameters. The feature tree is displayed for the user to view, select and send to Costimator for estimating machining times.

Supported 3Dfx Machining Features

3Dfx supports over 30 CAD file formats, including Solidworks, Creo, CATIA, Inventor, NX, Solid Edge, IGES, STEP and Parasolid.

Supported 3Dfx CAD File Formats
Case Studies

Northeast Manufacturing Company

Northeast Manufacturing Company was founded in 1952 and specializes in small to medium sized precision machined parts and mechanical sub-assemblies.

"Contract bidding and the art of fast and accurate cost estimating are more crucial to a company's profitability now than ever before. We rely heavily on our Costimator® to produce accurate bids for competing effectively."

Chris Lobdell, President
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