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“Costimator has a material database which automatically calculates the part weight, # of parts per bar, cross-sectional area for saw cutting and surface area for finishing. This means I don’t have to do manual calculations helping us reduce errors, save time and produce consistent results.”

- Barry Anderson, Estimator, Andrew Tool & Machining, Inc.


Quoting Software

Suppliers use Quoting Software to Increase Sales and Profits

Most discrete manufacturers today generate a quote using manual methods that are based primarily on an estimators experience or by looking at similar parts (if available) that they have manufactured in the past. This type of estimating can lead to a number of issues for suppliers that quoting software can help alleviate.

The many benefits of using quoting software to quote parts include:

  • Speed: The significant benefit of using computerized quoting software is the speed. There is no other software product that you will use in your business that will save you as much time and money.

  • Time to SaveAccuracy: In our ever changing economy it has never been more important for suppliers to track actual labor costs, material costs, purchased item costs, and outside service expenses than it is today. This all starts with the estimate and the quoting software that is used to determine the job's true cost and then complete a selling price.

  • Consistency: Using quoting software allows you to prepare estimates that use the exact same procedures and costs each and every time. It also provides a basis for comparison of the estimate to the actual job cost and the ability to keep the history of job costs, which gives the estimator tools to use in the future to adjust estimates and avoid costly overruns.

  • Scheduling: The shop manager will use the estimate to determine how much raw material, labor resource and equipment he must dedicate to the job along with any subcontracted services that will be required.

  • Professionalism: In addition to consistency, speed, precision, and accuracy, computerized estimating delivers a higher level of professionalism. Suppliers use Costimator quoting software to organize their business as well as optimize it. The estimate is used as a sales tool to document costs, and produce a quote leaving you the supplier in a very professional light with the potential customer.

Costimator cost estimating and quoting software enables estimators to produce more accurate, consistent cost estimates in a fraction of the time it takes doing it by hand or with a spreadsheet.


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