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Press Releases

Press Releases from MTI Systems About Manufacturing & Cost Estimating

Press Releases

July, 2015

MTI Systems Releases Costimator V14 Software, Adding 3D CAD Feature Recognition and More

June, 2015

Introducing Cost Estimating Software with 3D CAD Feature Recognition

March, 2015

MTI Systems Announces Record Corporate License Upgrades of Costimator® Software

February, 2015

MTI Systems Licenses Costimator® to their 1,600th Customer

January, 2015

Gear Manufacturers Choose MTI Systems’ Costimator® for Estimating

December, 2014

MTI Systems Donating Again to FIRST Robotics Club

November, 2014

Asian Consulting Firm, Kinzer, Partners with MTI Systems

October, 2014

Software Doubles Precision Machine Fabrications’ Quoting Throughput

COSTIMATOR® Software Cuts Machine Shop’s Estimating Time in Half

September, 2014

Canadian Manufacturers Select Costimator Cost Estimating Software

Goldens’ Foundry Using Costimator Since 1986

August, 2014

Tube Laser & Fiber laser Cost Models Added for Fabrication Shops

July, 2014

Fabrication Shops Choose Costimator® for Quoting

Now offering No Cost Trial of Costimator® Cost Estimating Software

June, 2014

Costimator® Should Cost Software Increases Automat Profits by 20%

May, 2014

3 Midwest Machine Shops Select Costimator® Cost Estimating Software

March, 2014

Inspiring Manufacturing Career Interest by Donating to Robotics Club

MTI Systems Offers Estimating Customers Free Cost Model Training

February, 2014

Costimator Makes Huge Dent in Alpa Precision, L.L.P's Quote Time
Machining and Fabricating Cost Models Added to Costimator®.

January, 2014

Costimator® Integrates Calculated Costing for JobBOSS
MTI Systems sells Costimator® to their 1,500th Customer
Aspiring Manufacturers Explore Costimator at Miller Manufacturing Day

















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