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Costimator Customer Case Studies and Testimonials

Estimators at manufacturing companies around the world have been successfully using Costimator since 1982. Their customer success stories can tell a lot about MTI Systems’ commitment to improving an already great cost estimating software product, the result, and the benefits they achieve by using the system. Our commitment can be seen not only in the service and support we offer customers, but in the forward thinking implemented in the periodic updates and upgrades. In the end, our team continues to add manufacturing data
and new features to help your estimating continue to produce better results.

Precision Manufacturing Facility Reduces Quoting Turnaround Times

Alpa PrecisionPrecision Manufacturing Facility, Alpa Precision, Reduces Quoting Turnaround Times Using Costimator® Cost Estimating Software.

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Costimator Software Leads To 70% Faster Turnaround for Landoll

Landoll CorporationLandoll Corporation designs, fabricates and markets a varied product line of light and heavy equipment.

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Detroit Tool Metal Products Increases Profits and Quoting Speed

Detroit Tool Metal ProductsDetroit Tool Metal Products (DTMP) is a leading, full service manufacturer of precision metal stampings, fabricated components and value-added assemblies for a targeted range of attractive end markets and applications.

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Costimator - Piece of Puzzle for Mattson/Witt Precision

Mattson/Witt Precision Products, Inc. Since Costimator was implemented, the Mattson/Witt team has been impressed with the results, finding that Costimator has helped fill a glaring need in their business.

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AAR Precision Systems increases their estimating speed by 50%

AAR Precision Systems increases their estimating speed by 50%The use of Costimator has allowed AAR Precision Systems to trim their estimating staff, enabling them to refocus their manufacturing resources in other areas of their company.

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Gardner Manufacturing Gains Total Process Improvement

Gardner ManufacturingProvides us a highly customized solution that helps us win more orders while also helping to increase the satisfaction of our customers – a total process improvement.

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Quoting Turnaround Times Reduced for Kitchen Craft

Quoting Turnaround Times Reduced for Kitchen Craft The faster turnaround times have not only allowed our quoting team to significantly reduce lead times, but their quotes have been more accurate, as well.

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Cost Modeling Feature Grants Company Unprecedented Flexibility

Costimator Gives Metal Industry MCG-Portugal a Shot in the ArmAll the savings in both time and money has led to our business doubling since we started using the software.

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Costimator Gives Metal Industry MCG-Portugal a Shot in the Arm

Costimator Gives Metal Industry MCG-Portugal a Shot in the ArmMCG expertise includes production of metallic parts and assembles, tooling production, and prototyping and rapid manufacturing.

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Estimating Software Provides Consistency to McNally Industries

McNally Industries, LLCMcNally Industries, LLC is a full-service manufacturer providing product design and testing as well as build-to-print manufacturing.

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Estimating Software Removes Guesswork for Service Machine

Service Machine Co. Inc.Service Machine Co. Inc. offers a versatile selection of CNC equipment that allows for the manufacturing of a variety of components ranging from small lot & high-volume production parts to prototyping.

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