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“The cost modeler feature in Costimator, not only saves time, it takes all the guess work out of our estimating, so once the user inputs basic information on the size of a part and its features, the software does the work for us.”

- Scott Padgett, Estimator, Landoll Corporation


Software Solutions

Offering Software Solutions for Manufacturers to be More Competitive

    • Cost Estimating Software

      Cost Estimating

      Manufacturers around the world seek software tools to help them increase their competitiveness and using better ways to understand and estimate part and product costs is critical to any ongoing success.

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    • Quoting Software


      Most discrete manufacturers today generate quotes using manual methods that are based primarily on an estimators experience or by looking at similar parts that they have manufactured in the past.

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    • Product Cost Management

      Product Cost Management

      One of the main purposes of Product Cost Management Software is not only to accurately estimate the lowest cost of a product but also to be used as a tool for leverage in negotiations...

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    • Cost Benchmarking

      Cost Benchmarking

      The use of Costimator as a competitive cost benchmarking tool has enabled many of the world’s foremost manufacturing organizations to gain the knowledge they need to drive down product costs.

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    • Should Cost Software

      Should Cost

      The objective of any should cost software is to provide insight, throughout the product development life cycle, as to what a part or product should cost to manufacture.

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    • DFM Software


      A major component of a DFM (Design for Manufacturing) is the process of designing or engineering a part or product in order to reduce its manufacturing costs.

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