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“MTI makes the effort to make sure their customers get maximum benefit from using their software through free training on the latest upgrades.”

- William Warren, Manager, Competitive Intelligence, Navistar Inc.



Cost Estimating Software

Over 1,500 manufacturing firms worldwide are successfully using this cost estimating software solution to be more competitive. The software supports the estimating of over 300 different manufacturing processes, including machining, casting, forging, fabrication, forming, welding, molding, finishing, electronics, assembly and more.


Costimator provides manufacturing organizations, both Suppliers and OEMs, with the ability to quickly and consistently generate cost estimates and quotes with a high degree of accuracy.

Costimator is a database driven tool that contains industry developed cost models and time standards that is easy-to-use and is completely configurable to any manufacturing environment.



“The best thing about Costimator is that even when the end-user has minimal computer experience or limited manufacturing knowledge – he or she can use the program. We found that with Costimator, our estimators could produce consistently accurate estimates, regardless of their manufacturing experience.”

- Alan Koch, Manufacturing Engineering Supervisor, Landoll Corp.

It’s easy-to-use, even by estimators or cost personnel who have a little to no manufacturing experience, because the system contains multiple cost estimating methods for users to choose from:

  • Detail Estimating - This method is preferred by experienced estimators who want to lay out their estimates by operation, utilizing Cost Models that are process driven (i.e. mill, turn, laser, weld).

  • Feature-Based Estimating - Allows less experienced estimators to generate estimates quickly and accurately through the use of feature-based cost models (i.e. holes, slots, bends, cut-outs), which have the manufacturing process logic (cycle time formulas) built into them.

  • Parametric Estimating - Enables companies that manufacture similar parts to estimate based on known historical times/costs using regression analysis.

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