• Should Cost Estimating Service

    Offered through a division of MTI Systems, this service provides detailed cost estimates, process plans, routings, as well as comparison data. Estimates, reports, and other manufacturing information can be exported for more specific cost analyses and review.


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    Learn how Costimator can estimate your parts, both quickly and accurately.

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Should Cost Estimating Services Help Manufacturers Optimize Product Costs and Become More Competitive

Drive Down Purchased Part Costs

Starting with design and moving throughout the product development lifecycle, engineers of all types need to know the cost-effective effects and benefits of the choices they make for their company.
  • Higher than needed part costs
  • Delayed product launches
  • Costly re-design activities
Automatic Feature Recognition

Expand Beyond Your Limited Resources

Expand Beyond Your Limited Resources

When time, experienced manufacturing engineers, and other estimating resources are limited manufacturers outsource their estimating requirements. In some cases, just to handle the overflow of estimating requests and quotations.

Benefits Include:

  • Reduces time & cost for costing information
  • Offers faster product to market opportunities
  • Identifies manufacturing options to produce lower cost processes, parts, and products
  • Offers part breakdown information for competitor teardowns
  • Builds manufacturing knowledge for manufacturer
  • Enhances supplier and purchasing negotiations
  • Reduces the need for experienced in-house manufacturing engineers
  • Increases cost savings by identifying lower costs from design through purchasing phases.