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West Springfield, MA – October 12, 2011 – MTI Systems, Inc, a provider of cost estimating software and product cost management solutions, announced today the startup of a webinar series, or web based seminars, offered to the manufacturing industry. Topics for this new monthly webinar series has been developed to address benefits for manufacturers that can be attained by using a cost estimating, quoting and process planning software system. 

Get more estimating facts about using Costimator "Consistency, accuracy, speed, and organizational qualities remain an important building block for fast-paced and highly productive manufacturers, as it relates to getting the best results from their estimating department," said Rene Laviolette, Chief Information Officer of MTI Systems. "Starting October 27th, our new free educational webinars series will provide cost estimating techniques used by manufacturers worldwide. These brand-new webinars will outline the workflow of estimating manufacturing processes, parts, and assemblies in order to use software to produce quotations, set target pricing and to analyze the least part cost for OEMs and more." 

At present, four free Webinar topics for the upcoming months have been arranged to help inform manufacturing organizations of all types including job shops, contract manufacturers, fabricators, machining shops and OEMs (original equipment manufacturers). These businesses will gain new confidence using software and learn quick, easy and powerful ways to enhance their estimating needs and quoting requirements. Webinar attendees should include estimators, engineers, and vice presidents and more, will also have the opportunity to ask the live trainers questions during a question and answer period. On a quarterly schedule, new webinars with varying topics will be added to MTI Systems web site listing the events.

Webinar Schedule and Sign up - (11:00 AM EST) 

Costimator, cost estimating, quoting, and process planning software, was originally designed to help make cost estimating faster, easier and more consistently accurate for manufacturers. Capabilities include almost all forms of manufacturing processes including machining, fabricating and mechanical assembly. Its forte is in calculating cycle time and the cost of manufacturing a part or assembly based on the capabilities of the equipment and their shop rates. Over the years, the software evolved and has expanded its capabilities helping to meet the needs of a wide variety of OEM's – ranging from the defense & aerospace industries, to medical, automotive and consumer product manufacturers.

"While the database already had all of our work centers, it's very easy to make changes. This feature helps us easily make adjustments to simulate exactly how we manufacture parts and processes in our shop." 

- Dean Melton, Estimator, Owens Machine and Tool

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Established in 1982, MTI Systems is a leading provider of cost estimating software solutions for the manufacturing industry, serving over 2,000 suppliers, OEMs and engineering firms worldwide. The company is headquartered at 1111 Elm Street, Suite 6, West Springfield, MA 01089.

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