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MTI Systems proceeds with major corporate and marketing refocusing

Announces new direction in cost management and estimating

As of October 30th, 2001, MTI Systems, Inc. officially has taken its largest step in the refocusing of its corporate identity and target market. The 19 year-old cost-management/estimating software company has changed its identity from strictly a cost-estimating software provider, to a broader based cost management focus for medium to large-sized companies and corporations.

"For years now, MTI Systems (formerly Manufacturers Technologies, Inc.) had been known solely for its cost-estimating abilities. The Costimator® and FabriCost™ systems ultimately encompass many cost management tools, which is the reason why refocusing is so important." said MTI Systems' Chief Technology Officer, Tom Charkiewicz.

The Costimator and FabriCost systems assist manufacturers in a variety of management capacities. These capacities include; should-cost modeling, JIT inventory management, materials procurement, shop scheduling/planning, and target pricing, along with different levels of estimating, including feature-based cost estimating.

Charkiewicz adds, "In today's economy and manufacturing environment, regardless of your field, cost management is paramount to success. The features in the latest versions of our systems enable management not only to estimate and reduce costs, but also to more efficiently manage a variety of areas outside of cost estimating. These features have essentially paved the way for us to introduce our new corporate and marketing focus."

On November 12th 2001, MTI Systems publicly introduced Quick Start, a new cost effective product service and consulting option that helps customers to quickly implement their cost estimating systems and to maximize their efficiency and profitability. Quick Start not only teaches company personnel to use FabriCost and Costimator, it also helps companies to tailor their Costimator and FabriCost databases to their specific manufacturing and/or fabrication capabilities.

MTI Systems consultants working through Quick Start visit the customer's facilities and aid them in the designing of feature-based estimating "configurators," programs that use pre-calculated costs of manufacturing and installing various features and parts and parametric estimating methods, such as regression analysis and linear analysis. Through Quick Start, customers are quickly using Costimator and FabriCost along with their tailored databases to perform accurate cost estimating, target costing, "make or buy" analysis, and "should cost" modeling.

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"We chose Costimator because our excel-based method suffered from a lack of consistency and accuracy across quotes and across different facilities."

- Deverick McIntyre, CIO, Ryerson China Limited

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