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MTI Systems launches Consulting Service

MTI engineers use the Costimator® Cost Estimating System as a manufacturing consulting tool to quote customer's jobs, provide cost analysis and generate cost-effective manufacturing options

MTI Systems, Inc. (West Springfield, MA) recently unveiled its cost estimating Consulting Services. MTI Systems engineers use MTI Systems' Costimator® Computer-Aided Cost Estimating System and communicate with their customers via the Internet. The new Consulting Service not only accurately estimates virtually any manufacturing or fabrication job, it also provides customers with data and reports that can help a company cut costs and run more efficiently in a variety of areas.

The Costimator® System-with databases that contain industry-proven data on machining times-has been setting industry standards for flexibility and accuracy since it was introduced in 1982. The Consulting Services provide an opportunity for companies to source out the quoting of some parts when their own estimating departments are too busy. Customers may obtain accurate and competitive Costimator estimates without the expense of purchasing the system or training an employee to use it.

The new MTI Systems Consulting Service is much more than a source of accurate job quotes. Using Costimator, engineers can provide clients with cost analysis and a cost comparison of different manufacturing methods. For instance, using Costimator's new and unique Shop Rate™ feature-that incorporates manufacturing rates and labor costs for all 50 U.S. states-- MTI Systems engineers can quickly determine a reasonable cost for a part made by a subcontractor in a specific state. This data is vital when soliciting subcontractors through Requests for Quote. The information may be used to establish subcontractor target prices, and to facilitate "make or buy" decisions. Many MTI Systems customers use Costimator quotes and Shop Rate™ reports as a basis for negotiating lower prices with prospective subcontractors.

MTI Systems engineers also may use Costimator to help manufacturers do a cost-effectiveness of a proposed machine tool purchase. MTI Systems estimates provide part designers with an accurate tool for evaluating what the various potential configurations of a part will cost to machine and manufacture.

"Now manufacturers not only have the option of purchasing the Costimator System for accurate cost analysis, cost estimating and process planning, they also may utilize our consulting service as needed to boost efficiency, control costs and increase profits," said Tom Charkiewicz, MTI System's founder and Chief Technical Officer. "Customers get an unusual opportunity to have a cost estimating specialist objectively examine a manufacturing job from 'outside the box.' The result is a fresh perspective and a cost-effective solution."

The Consulting Services was developed at the suggestion of MTI Systems' customers and successfully piloted and tested with several companies, including Fortune 1000 manufacturers and smaller companies. MTI Systems Consulting Services are designed accommodate a wide variety of businesses, from large to small. For more information on our Consulting Services and the full range of MTI Systems software products, MTI Systems Website,, or call 1-413-733-1972.

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"Costimator is an integral part of our best-in-class technologies. We use the system to estimate the time and cost to manufacture precision-engineered components and assemblies for aerospace, power generation, defense and other advanced technology industries. We require estimating software that is easy to use and works in every facet of our operations; from fabrication to five-axis machining. Our engineers working along with process technicians and toolmakers rely on Costimator's speed, accuracy, and consistency to win orders and ensure profitability."

- Dave Cybart, Engineering and Tooling Manager, Rich Technology International

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