MTI Systems Announces the Release of Costimator OEM V9.0


Latest version features an expanded feature-based estimating library and a powerful new cost model development tool.

WEST SPRINGFIELD, MA - May 29, 2008 – MTI Systems, the leading provider of cost estimating solutions for manufacturing, today announced the release of Costimator OEM V9.0. "Version 9.0 delivers a number of new enhancements that will further enable manufacturing companies to assess, identify and reduce product costs throughout the product development lifecycle." comments Mr. David LaJoie, Vice President of Sales at MTI Systems.

Costimator OEM V9.0 provides users with an expanded set of feature-based cost models for use in the systems feature-based costing methodology. The V9.0 feature library includes cost models for prismatic and cylindrical machined components, sheet metal fabrication and secondary non-machining operations. "The newest Costimator OEM feature library further enhances the design engineer's ability to understand the impact that varying product design alternatives have on cost," adds LaJoie. "Understanding early in the product development lifecycle how new and alternative products designs affect cost allows companies to cut significant costs out of their products before reaching production. Having this type of accurate, dependable cost knowledge has proven to save MTI Systems' customers millions of dollars."

Another key feature to Costimator OEM V9.0 is the addition of a new cost model development tool called Cost Modeler. This powerful tool enables users of Costimator OEM to develop their own process or feature-based cost models. "Many of our existing and new customers have cost models they previously developed in Excel that they want to bring into Costimator OEM. Cost Modeler gives them a flexible, easy-to-use tool to create cost models on there own, saving them time and money."

Costimator OEM provides manufacturing and product companies with a complete cost management solution. Costimator OEM's three distinct types of estimating methods (feature-based, bottoms-up and parametric) gives users of varying manufacturing skill sets the ability to estimate product costs. Feature-based estimating enables design engineers to estimate the cost of alternative designs quickly and easily based on part features. Bottoms-up, or activity-based estimating, provides procurement organizations with accurate manufacturing times and costs it needs to negotiate with suppliers and identify what a part should cost. Parametric estimating provides users with an instant estimating method based on historical cost data. Being able to identify product costs throughout the product development lifecycle gives Costimator OEM users the ability to implement uniform and predictable costing strategies that result in significant product cost reductions.

About MTI Systems

MTI Systems, Inc. is a world-leader in the development of cost estimating solutions for manufacturing since 1982. For more details on the company's products and services, contact MTI Systems, 1111 Elm Street, Suite 6, West Springfield, MA 01089, Ph. 413-733-1972, Fax 413-739-7250,
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Press release issued by MTI Systems, Inc. on May 29, 2008

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"When a customer sends us a part drawing, we can make an estimate with Costimator, play 'what if' and make appropriate recommendations on material and design. We can show how engineering changes will affect cost. That kind of speed combined with the reliability of a computerized quote...makes Costimator an important member of our sales team."

- Wayne Carroll, President, Carroll Machine

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