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W. SPRINGFIELD, MA (May 10, 2004) – MTI Systems, the leading provider of innovative cost estimating software solutions for manufacturing, announced today that Cimmetry’s AutoVue visualization and collaboration technology for 2D CAD, 3D CAD, & EDA, has been embedded into their Costimator Software.

With AutoVue launched seamlessly from within Costimator, users can view over 450 native file formats independently of their authoring application. This capability allows Costimator users to instantaneously capture the mass properties of a part or assembly for use within Costimator. They can also calculate precise measurements on all part dimensions, including surface area, distance and cumulative distance, enhancing the accuracy of their cost estimates.

Auto Vue

Costimator users can quickly capture mass properties and dimensional information from CAD drawings displayed by AutoVue, increasing the speed and accuracy of their cost estimating.

AutoVue’s collaboration feature allows users to markup documents, allowing other users to review their comments. Whether it’s a salesperson highlighting critical aspects of a part for an estimator or a buyer pointing out high tolerance areas of a part for a supplier, the ability to markup drawings improves communication flow, reducing estimating time while improving accuracy.

“Cimmetry’s AutoVue technology is a perfect complement to Costimator. With its precise measuring system and collaboration feature, AutoVue allows Costimator users to obtain even more exacting control over their costs while improving communication between buyers and suppliers.” says Tom Charkiewicz, founder and Chief Technology Officer of MTI Systems. A key component of the Costimator/AutoVue integration is a new feature that allows estimators to save drawings, material specs, engineering notes, etc. with the part estimate. This data management tool keeps this critical part information available for quick reference, providing a historical reference on how and from what data the estimate was created.

“MTI System’s cost-estimating software provides a valuable competitive edge to today’s manufacturers,” comments Brian Strasser, Sales Director at Cimmetry. “With the addition of AutoVue’s advanced features, Costimator allows users to estimate their real part costs more quickly and accurately than ever, gaining them an even greater edge over competitors.”

Costimator OEM helps OEM’s implement predictable costing strategies by breaking down and quantifying the true costs of manufactured parts. This cost information is then used by procurement personnel to set benchmarks for negotiations with suppliers. The system allows design and cost engineers to evaluate functional or design differences in a part to determine which design is most cost effective.

Costimator JS helps suppliers produce timely cost estimates that are both consistent and accurate (to within 5% of actual costs). This allows companies to bid with confidence, giving them an optimal chance to win profitable jobs.

About MTI Systems, Inc.

MTI Systems, Inc. is a world-leader in the development of innovative cost-estimating software and consulting services, providing competitive-edge solutions for manufacturing since 1982. For more details on the integration of AutoVue with Costimator OEM or Costimator JS, contact David LaJoie at MTI Systems, 1111 Elm Street, Suite 6, West Springfield, MA 01089, 413-733-1972, Fax 413-739-7250, email: [email protected], or visit

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