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Shop Rate Calculator Is First Cost Estimating Software Tool That Provides Accurate Shop Rates Of Suppliers Worldwide.

Shop Rate CalculatorW. SPRINGFIELD, MA (May 20, 2003) — MTI Systems, Inc. today announced Shop Rate Calculator (SRC), the only program of its kind which combines actual labor rates as reported on W-2 forms by the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, with several default factors to produce accurate supplier shop rates. The SRC Program database features labor rates for the entire U.S. as well as most other countries worldwide. Combining shop rates with accurate, detailed manufacturing times gives OEMs the information they need to determine part costs, enabling them to negotiate lower pricing from suppliers, saving as much as 50% on purchased part costs.

SRC is a pivotal module of Costimator® OEM Software, also developed by MTI Systems. Costimator OEM is the only cost estimating software program specifically designed for OEMs that allows manufacturers to reveal the real costs of purchased parts for all manufacturing applications, including all forms of machining, fabricating and assembly.

"SRC is a key tool that enables OEMs to estimate their suppliers' shop rates, giving them the ability to accurately determine which supplier can make a part for the least amount of money, based on their manufacturing capabilities and labor rates" said Mr. David LaJoie, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for MTI Systems.

SRC was developed via requests from several of MTI Systems' larger OEM customers who sought the most efficient and accurate way to estimate supplier shop rates. The final program design was the result of a collaborative effort by MTI, several of their OEM and Supplier customers, in addition to a Certified Public Accountant who has several contract manufacturers (suppliers) as clients.

MTI Systems, Inc. is a world-leader in the development of innovative cost-estimating software and services, providing competitive-edge solutions for manufacturing since 1982. For more information on Shop Rate Calculator, contact David LaJoie at MTI Systems, 1111 Elm Street, Suite 6, West Springfield, MA 01089, 413-733-1972, Fax 413-739-7250, email: [email protected], or visit

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"With Costimator we saw that it is shipped with almost every machine available with the manufacturers recommended feeds and speeds. The system can be used on both simple and complex parts. Both are quoted systematically and relatively quickly with a high degree of accuracy."

- Kevin Graff, Director of Operations, Mattson/Witt Precision Products

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