Northeast Manufacturing Praises Cost Estimating Software


MTI Systems Press Release

Chris Lobdell of Northeast Manufacturing noted, "Contract bidding and the art of fast and accurate cost estimating are more crucial to a company's profitability now than ever before. We rely heavily on our system to produce accurate bids for competing effectively."

• Job shop cost estimation has concrete and real measurable impacts

• Increase RFQ "Win" percentage by as much as 100% 

• Eliminate jobs that cost money to produce

• Reduce estimating time by up to 200%

• Increase shop floor productivity by up to 30% 

Many of the world's job shops need to identify part cost reduction opportunities throughout the product development lifecycle, leading to millions of dollars in cost savings. According to Thomas Charkiewicz, President of MTI Systems, "Few cost estimating software solutions have been around since 1982, yet more than 1,000 job shops and contract manufacturers worldwide have been utilizing Costimator JS for the speed, accuracy, and consistency it brings to their quoting process. Calculating the cycle time and cost of manufacturing for a part or assembly in a job shop, based on the capabilities of equipment and shop rates is a matter of bottom-line automation and productivity." 

Few job shop cost estimating solutions come fully loaded with a library of over 2,000 work centers and materials. Too often there is an attitude among some job shop owners that these technologies are simply too good to be true. In fact there are few steps needed to accurately and effective test the efficacy of any cost estimating software. 

Step 1: Enter the Part Information 

Step 2: Select the Quantities to be quoted 

Step 3: Add the required Material(s)

Step 4: Pick the Equipment needed to manufacture the part

Step 5: Add the Details for each operation 

The result is an estimate complete with time and cost for each operation. 

About MTI Systems:

MTI Systems ( is the leading provider of cost estimating solutions for manufacturing, OEM's, and Suppliers through the unique technology solution Costimator. MTI Systems offers unique Computer-Aided Cost Estimating (CACE) solutions and is proud to have implemented its solutions at over 1,200 companies with over 10,000 trained users since its inception in 1982.   

Press release issued by MTI Systems, Inc. March, 2010

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"By not having a centralized database system, such as what Costimator offers, to store and access manufacturing data, training new estimators were becoming increasingly difficult, and time consuming."

- Rick Clark, Inside Sales & Estimator, Detroit Tool Metal Products

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