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This article debunks 5 myths surrounding cost estimating for manufacturing.

MTI Systems, Inc. introduces new software implementation & consulting service Quick Start, to bring personal and customized implementation of software

MTI Systems introduces QuickStart™, a new cost effective product service and consulting option that helps customers to quickly implement their cost management/estimating systems and to maximize their efficiency and profitability. QuickStart not only teaches company personnel to use Costimator® and FabriCost™, it also helps companies to tailor their Costimator and FabriCost databases to their specific manufacturing and/or fabrication capabilities.

"In addition to providing cutting-edge cost management & estimating solutions, MTI Systems, Inc. has always emphasized quality service and careful attention to our individual customer's needs," said MTI Systems' Chief Technology Officer, Tom Charkiewicz. "QuickStart, the latest service innovation for our customers, will provide a new level of personal customer support and software implementation."

MTI Systems consultants working through QuickStart, visit the customer's facilities and aid them in the designing of feature-based estimating "configurators" for the Costimator or FabriCost cost management/estimating software. "Configurators" are programs that use pre-calculated costs of manufacturing and installing various features, parts and parametric estimating methods, such as regression analysis and linear analysis. Through QuickStart, customers are quickly using our Costimator or FabriCost software along with their tailored databases to perform their daily cost estimating, target costing, "make or buy" analysis, and "should cost" modeling duties.

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"While helping us better manage our quotes more consistently, Costimator is flat out enabling our company to be more competitive while also offering better prices to our customers."

- Dean Ravanelli, Engineer & Estimator, Gardner Manufacturing

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