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West Springfield, MA, Feb 20, 2008 – MTI Systems, Inc. announced today that it has entered into an agreement to provide cost engineering services for a leading global manufacturer of aircraft engines.

"This award is indicative of the type of experience and value that the cost engineering side of our business provides OEM's," said Tom Charkiewicz, CEO of MTI Systems. "By working closely with our customers we are able to provide the cost data they need to analyze and ultimately lower product costs."

ShouldCost Estimating Service (SES), a division of MTI Systems, provides cost engineering services for mid-to-large sized manufacturing organizations worldwide using the company's proprietary cost estimating software solution, Costimator OEM. The service provides costing data that supports the development of parts and assemblies throughout the product lifecycle - from design to production.

"Prior to implementing Costimator we were facing a lot of challenges in terms of consistency and efficiency of our quotes. We had a very difficult time keeping up with demand. What we appreciate most about Costimator is its ability to create cost models that produce accurate and consistent results – almost instantly." 

- Shane Goerzen, Sr. Design & Tech Support Supervisor, Kitchen Craft

About MTI Systems, Inc.

Established in 1982, MTI Systems is a leading provider of cost estimating software solutions for the manufacturing industry, serving over 2,000 suppliers, OEMs and engineering firms worldwide. The company is headquartered at 1111 Elm Street, Suite 6, West Springfield, MA 01089.

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