Manufacturer of leading cost estimating software changes company name


MTI Systems Press Release

Manufacturers Technologies, Inc., a pioneer in the development of flexible PC-based manufacturing cost estimating systems whose products are used world-wide, recently announced that it changed its company name to MTI Systems, Inc. A new logo was introduced concurrent with the name change.

The changes were introduced to reflect a whole new level of products and services that support multiple manufacturing areas, from the shop floor to manufacturing management, according to MTI Systems founder and President Thomas Charkiewicz. The company recently added an on-line cost estimating product, a variety of cost estimating and process planning services and other customized consulting services, he said.

"We think our customers will link the new MTI Systems name with our diverse new product and service portfolio and the significant new value opportunities we provide our customers," Charkiewicz elaborated. "We will continue to provide the top quality and excellent service we've always offered."

Founded in 1982 in West Springfield, Mass., Manufacturers Technologies quickly became known throughout the metalworking and manufacturing sectors for its Costimator® Computer-Aided Cost Estimating System. The software is acknowledged as the industry standard in cost estimating and process planning. Costimator's comprehensive databases of machining times and proven labor standards and its easy-to-use estimating and process planning protocols can help users to increase estimating speed and accuracy, cut manufacturing times and boost manufacturing efficiency and profits.

In the last decade and a half, the company has introduced a variety of additional cost estimating products and services, including estimating systems for assembly and fabrication applications. In a first in the field of manufacturing, it recently launched an on-line estimating feature that enables users to generate quotes and process plans on a computer, anywhere and at any time, by using a version of Costimator available on the MTI Systems web site. Companies using this service eliminate the costs of purchasing and maintaining their own estimating system.

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"Instead of taking six months to train estimators on the ins and outs of our business, all the necessary 'tribal knowledge' is built into the database and the cost models, making it possible for a layman estimator to hit the ground running…we're now calculating intricate, detailed jobs in a minute or two."

- Shane Goerzen, Sr. Design & Tech Support Supervisor, Kitchen Craft

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