Cost Estimating Software Provider, MTI Systems, Inc., Reveals New Case Study Section


Cost estimating software case study content provides prospects a chance to learn how the software works in real life situations.

(West Springfield, MA) MTI Systems, Inc. ( announced today that they have revealed a new section of their web site that will feature case studies, testimonials, and articles highlighting their customer's experiences with Costimator, the company's cost- estimating, quoting and process planning software.

"Case studies are a potent tool. They illustrate effective use points and demonstrate the benefits of what you're trying to share in a real-life situation that people can relate to," said Jay Snow, Marketing Manager at MTI Systems, Inc. "Manufacturers hear from us frequently enough. It's a different thing when a third party is vouching for our software and doing so through the lens of a practical, real life application."

"Having a working web site today isn't just about slapping information up on a site and leaving it," continued Snow. "It's about creating engaging content that makes it easier for a prospect to make an informed decision and allows them to use our site as a resource for valuable information. Not only will our prospects find the kind of estimating information they need on Costimator, but they'll be able to get a clear impression of what the program is like 'in action'."

The company's new case study page ( now features a variety of content for prospects to browse – ranging from case studies and testimonials to articles that can be used as a resource to help companies make more informed decisions about whether or not the solution is right for them.

Costimator estimating software was originally designed to serve as a platform to make cost-estimating more effective for part suppliers, including those who do machining, fabricating and assembly. The program helps manufacturers, quickly and accurately, estimate cycle times and determine the manufacturing cost for parts and assemblies -- based on the capabilities of their equipment and their shop rates. Today, the software is also being used by many of the world's largest OEMs in a wide variety of industries including defense, aerospace, medical, heavy equipment, automotive and consumer products.

The Costimator database provides real-world manufacturing information that users can reference and work from. This makes estimating, quoting, and creating cost models faster while also ensuring that cost estimates are more consistent and accurate. The tool also enables companies to add, modify and update their own data, resulting in a faster, more streamlined process to help meet their future growth needs.

About MTI Systems, Inc.

MTI Systems, Inc. offers cost-estimating, quoting and process planning software and services for the manufacturing industry – providing solutions for suppliers and OEMs. Costimator software has been implemented at over 1,300 companies worldwide resulting with over 10,000 trained users since its inception in 1982. Contact Information: MTI Systems, Inc., 1111 Elm Street, Suite 6, West Springfield, Massachusetts, 01089, USA, Phone 413-733-1972, Fax 413-739-9250, email: [email protected], or visit their cost estimating software product page to learn more about Costimator.

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"Without a doubt, our favorite feature of Costimator is its Cost Models. Everyone from sales to management can use the software. The cost models we need are almost all included in the software and what little isn't – you can program yourself to customize it to your needs."

- Aaron Harrison, Manager of Product Estimating, United Gear and Assembly

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