North Carolina Fabricator chooses Costimator Quoting Software


North Carolina fabricator adds speed, accuracy, and consistency to their estimating and quoting method

WEST SPRINGFIELD, MA – October 19, 2014 – MTI Systems announced today that Precision Machine Fabrication, based in Raleigh, North Carolina, was searching to replace their one-person estimating department with a consistent estimating method and chose the software developers flagship product Costimator®. In their quest for a new estimating and costing method, Precision Machine Fabrications' decision in choosing Costimator led to a variety of other benefits as well.

PMF"Consistency is the #1 reason people implement estimating software," says Dave LaJoie, VP of product development at MTI Systems, "but when customers implement Costimator they customarily reap a variety of additional benefits - including speed, accuracy, better organized manufacturing information and more."

 "Consistency is the #1 reason people implement estimating software,

– David LaJoie, 
MTI Systems

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Manufacturers worldwide, both suppliers and OEMs (original equipment manufacturers), select Costimator to help them be more consistent with their estimating and part quoting requirements. The estimating software offers a wide range of options for both the buyer (OEM) and the seller (supplier); among the variety of available benefits, it helps estimators identify shorter process manufacturing times and find new ways to manufacture parts and finished products at lower costs – ultimately offering lower cost-effective options for end consumers.

Costimator is a database driven estimating software that includes 1000's of manufacturing details. The software, designed with flexibility options, enables estimators to easily add and modify the manufacturing and costing information for a "best fit" as to how they manufacture parts in their shop or as with OEMs in the shops of their suppliers. The software also includes hundreds of pre-built cost models and other features that not only provide consistency during estimating, costing and quoting, but speed as well as accuracy.

Costimator® cost estimating and quoting software began its development in 1982. Originally designed for suppliers, it reduces estimating time while not compromising accuracy or consistency for manufacturers who do machining, fabrication and mechanical assembly. The cost estimating software system calculates cycle times and the cost of manufacturing a part or assembly based on the capabilities of the suppliers' equipment and their shop rates.

Precision Machine Fabrication

Precision Machine Fabrication Company, which started manufacturing in 1978 with two employees in a 1,000 square foot building, has since expanded their facility to 100,000 square feet employing around 70 people. They collaborate with their customers' designs in order to produce custom parts that fit each specific customer's individual needs. Their industry base includes electronic telecommunications and robotics where they make precision parts such as small brackets to large sheet metal cabinets and other machined and fabricated products.

MTI Systems, Inc: 

MTI Systems provides cost estimating software and estimating services to manufacturers worldwide, serving both suppliers and OEMs. Since 1982, Costimator with implementations at over 1,500 companies has more than 12,000-trained users. For more details, a free trial, or to register for a free demonstration, contact MTI Systems, West Springfield, Massachusetts, 413-733-1972

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"With Costimator we saw that it is shipped with almost every machine available with the manufacturers recommended feeds and speeds. The system can be used on both simple and complex parts. Both are quoted systematically and relatively quickly with a high degree of accuracy."

- Kevin Graff, Director of Operations, Mattson/Witt Precision Products

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