Costimator Cuts Wayne Machine Shop's Estimating Time in Half


Wayne Machine, a precision machining manufacturer uses software to help reduce their estimating by 50%

WEST SPRINGFIELD, MA – October 12, 2014 – MTI Systems announced today how Wayne Machine, a precision machining manufacturer of Wooster, OH, has been using Costimator® cost estimating and quoting software, since 2007, as their straightforward and user-friendly estimating method.

Wayne Machine "Before Costimator®, the estimators knew their shop's machine and production capabilities cold," says Gary Cassidy, General Manager at Wayne Machine, "but there were many costing opportunities for miscalculations and inconsistencies during the quoting process."

Manufacturers such as job shops, precision machining and fabricating shops, contract manufacturers and OEMs select Costimator to help them with their estimating and part quoting challenges. The estimating software offers a wide range of options for both the buyer (OEM) and the seller (supplier). One primary reason for using software is to implement a more structured estimating approach. While it promotes accuracy, it also contributes to the number one reason manufacturers select Costimator®; it offers consistency between estimates and among estimators.

Brandon Clark, Senior Estimator for Wayne Machine, Inc. concludes, "Costimator is incredibly straightforward and user-friendly. The process plans and other reports look great to a customer. It gives them the feeling that we have done our homework when estimating and costing their parts, which they appreciate. When I am on the phone talking to a customer, they may want to get an estimate for a different quantity than originally requested, or have me estimate a similar part. I can keep them on the line, while I calculate the new estimate. Customers love that type of instantaneous response, which I believe helps us to get more orders."

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“Before Costimator®, the estimators knew their shop's machine and production capabilities cold”

– Gary Cassidy,
General Manager
Wayne Machine

Costimator® cost estimating and quoting software began development in 1982. Originally designed for suppliers, it reduces estimating time while not compromising accuracy or consistency for manufacturers who do machining, fabrication and mechanical assembly. The cost estimating software system calculates cycle times and the cost of manufacturing a part or assembly based on the capabilities of the suppliers' equipment and their shop rates.

Wayne Machine, Inc:

Established in 1966, Wayne Machine, Inc. is a progressive CNC machine shop with the capabilities to machine high quality parts to close tolerances. They offer the flexibility to provide finished machined parts from many materials including, steel alloys, stainless steels, aluminum, brass, bronze, titanium, Inconel, niobium, nylon, Celcon, PVC and more.

MTI Systems, Inc:

MTI Systems provides estimating software that includes a wide range of functionality including part costing, should cost, quoting, cost benchmarking, as well as estimating services to manufacturers suppliers and OEMs. Since 1982, Costimator has been implemented at over 1,500 companies with over 12,000-trained users. For more details, or to register for a free demonstration, contact MTI Systems, West Springfield, Massachusetts, 413-733-1972/ 413-733-1972

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"Costimator provides the ease and ability to add new tools, work centers and other manufacturing data quickly and easily. That cut our estimating time by 50%."

- Thomas Kasyan, Estimator, AAR Precision System

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