Three Midwest Machine Shops Select Costimator Cost Estimating Software


Cost estimating software helps manufacturers be more competitive

WEST SPRINGFIELD, MA – May 31, 2014 – MTI Systems, developer of manufacturing cost estimating and quoting software solutions, today announced that three Midwest machine shops will utilize its Costimator® software to increase the speed, accuracy and consistency of their cost estimating and quoting process.

“Once Costimator is implemented, companies no longer have to depend on the one or two most highly experienced people in the organization to do the quoting. ”

– David LaJoie,
VP of Product development
MTI Systems

Positrol, Wisconsin Metal Tech, and Allor Manufacturing, all machining manufacturers, make parts and products by machining raw metal blanks from material such as round bar, rectangular bar, plate, tube, rod, flat stock. These manufacturers, as with other customers who manufacture parts, selected Costimator® as a consistent way to accurately estimate and quickly quote the time and cost of parts they make and offer for sale.

“Costimator enables manufacturers to standardize the way they quote parts,” says David LaJoie, VP of Product development, MTI Systems. “Once Costimator is implemented, companies no longer have to depend on the one or two most highly experienced people in the organization to do the quoting. This critical task can now be spread amongst more, less experienced personnel, allowing those highly skilled employees to do other functions.” 

Since 1982, over 1,500 manufacturers worldwide have implemented Costimator®, to help them reduce estimating time, while increasing their estimating accuracy and consistency. The software supports the estimating of all forms of machining, fabrication, plastic manufacturing, assembly and more. The cost estimating software is used to estimate all the time elements associated with the manufacturing of a part or assembly, including machine set-up, cycle time, part handling, packaging and shipping.  

To learn more about MTI Systems and Costimator®, contact David LaJoie at MTI Systems, 1111 Elm Street, Suite 6, West Springfield, MA 01089, 413-733-1972, [email protected] or visit MTI Systems’ website at

MTI Systems, Inc. is a world-leader in the development of innovative cost-estimating software and consulting services, providing competitive-edge solutions for manufacturing since 1982.

Positrol based in Cincinnati, OH, is comprised of several workholding divisions where they make parts such as gripping and clamping chucks and arbors, as well as expanding mandrels.  Their main manufacturing processes when making these kinds of parts include turning, milling, grinding and gear operations. 

Wisconsin Metal Tech, who serves customers, as far west as the Pacific Rim, is a highly responsive metals machining and supply partner. The types of metal parts they make include turning metal rod and bar products on their CNC (computer numerically controlled) or Swiss machining and turning centers.

Allor Manufacturing, located in Brighton, Michigan, offers custom-built steel components such as chain, wheels, rollers, conveyors, cartridge style bearings, levelers and much more. Their products play a critical role in heavy industry, steel manufacturing and other industrial processes.

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"Costimator is an integral part of our best-in-class technologies. We use the system to estimate the time and cost to manufacture precision-engineered components and assemblies for aerospace, power generation, defense and other advanced technology industries. We require estimating software that is easy to use and works in every facet of our operations; from fabrication to five-axis machining. Our engineers working along with process technicians and toolmakers rely on Costimator's speed, accuracy, and consistency to win orders and ensure profitability."

- Dave Cybart, Engineering and Tooling Manager, Rich Technology International

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