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Program enables customers to quickly gain knowledge of new functionality in the cost estimating software.

WEST SPRINGFIELD, MA – February 27, 2013 – MTI Systems is offering free training classes to improve the software proficiency of their customers that use Costimator®—the company’s leading-edge cost estimating, quoting and process planning software. These sessions will be offered at MTI headquarters—with plans to launch additional free training sessions on the Web.

“MTI makes the effort to make sure their customers get maximum benefit from using their software through free training on the latest upgrades.” 

– William Warren,
Navistar Inc.

These robust training sessions offer a couple of unique benefits to companies adding the Costimator® tool to their operations. First, the software itself drives profits through a fusion of accurate and consistent cost estimation with reliable pricing procedures. Second, the free training develops seasoned cost estimating professionals with experience using the Costimator® software.

“As our software development & engineering teams continue to add more features and benefits to Costimator®—such as more advanced cost models as well as new features to create and modify them,” reports Rene Laviolette, Chief programmer for MTI Systems, “it comes as no surprise that these new features might warrant additional training.”

The wealth of required manufacturing knowledge, the fast paced estimating environment and the dynamics of emerging manufacturing technologies impacts when estimators update their software. MTI Systems understands this predicament and offers this free training as part of the company’s support and maintenance program. This affords a way for customers to double their benefits: Not only are they able to train new estimators or retrain existing estimators with updated information, there is a financial relief because the trainings are offered as part of the customers support and maintenance.

William Warren, Manager with Competitive Intelligence, Navistar Inc. explains, “MTI makes the effort to make sure their customers get maximum benefit from using their software through free training on the latest upgrades.”

This estimating software developer emphasizes that while the intuitive nature of Costimator® makes the software wholly effective right out of the box, the periodic free training session’s help estimators learn new software features and get up-to-speed quickly. Customers expect updates and new versions to continue to improve their estimating proficiency with new or more intricate operations and free trainings provide the quick and easy solution.  

About Costimator Software 

Costimator® cost estimating and quoting software began development in 1982. Originally designed for suppliers, it reduces estimating time, while not compromising accuracy or consistency for manufacturers who do machining, fabrication and mechanical assembly. The cost estimating softwaresystem calculates cycle times and the cost of manufacturing a part or assembly based on the capabilities of the suppliers’ equipment and their shop rates.

"We have been using Costimator for over 5 years here at Westwood Machine & Tool Co. and when it comes to quoting jobs that require large quantities, Costimator is a real time saver for us. We have more time to review each estimate and more time for new estimates." 

- Jerry Crenshaw, Estimator, Westwood Machine & Tool Co.

About MTI Systems, Inc.

Established in 1982, MTI Systems is a leading provider of cost estimating software solutions for the manufacturing industry, serving over 2,000 suppliers, OEMs and engineering firms worldwide. The company is headquartered at 1111 Elm Street, Suite 6, West Springfield, MA 01089.

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