More Gear Manufacturers Choose Costimator Estimating Software


Software adds speed, accuracy, and consistency for Gear Manufacturing Shops

WEST SPRINGFIELD, MA – January 14, 2015 – MTI Systems announced today the increase in Gear manufacturing shops choosing Costimator® cost estimating software for their estimating and quoting needs.

"more consistent quotes and less time spent in the cost-estimating process”

Gear Manufacturers using Costimator select from the extensive manufacturing database to help with the complex nature in estimating the machining and fabrication of gear parts and assemblies. While Gear manufacturers have the on-going mathematical concerns of number of teeth and diametric pitch they have the added complexity of machining multifarious shapes. Additionally, one of the most difficult mechanical systems is a gear train, which transmits mechanical power from one place to another or used to change power (torque) or alter something's speed.

This manufacturing complexity translates the added concern of estimating consistently accurate estimates in order to competitively quote and successfully acquire quality sales and worthwhile profits.

One gear manufacturer in particular, United Gear & Assembly Inc., based out of Hudson Wisconsin, reports how they have benefitted greatly from the Costimator Cost Estimating Software. This gear manufacturing company states that Costimator truly helps gear manufacturers produce faster, more accurate, and more efficient quotes, all while contributing to higher profits.

"What Costimator has done for us is that it's created more accurate cycle times that are close to machine cycle times," proclaimed Aaron Harrison, Manager of Product Estimating at United Gear. "That means more consistent quotes and less time spent in the cost-estimating process itself. All the savings in both time and money has led to our business doubling since we started using the software. Costimator has become a significant part of our business."

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"(Prior to using Costimator) we were using history of like-parts, and on newer items, our supervisors were using their experience to come up with cycle times. We found ourselves under and over estimating jobs, which cost us jobs we could have won but lost because we were quoting too high, as well as taking on jobs that we underpriced. Costimator allowed us to not only improve our own internal processes, but allowed us to begin estimating more complex parts and components that previously took up too much time to do."

- Mark Kneller, President, Service Machine

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