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(West Springfield – June 19, 2012) - MTI Systems, Inc., developer of Costimator cost estimating software, announces the addition of "Hypertherm HyPerformance" plasma cutting systems to its work center library -- adding "laserlike" cutting performance for estimating comparison options.

Work centers are manual tools or machines that process material to make parts. Cost estimators can easily select from over 3500 work centers included in its software library. This helps estimating teams add new work centers and perform cost comparisons on machines and tools used by competitors or suppliers. These updates enhance the estimating system's ease of use for contract manufacturers, job shops, precision metal machining shops, metal fabricating shops and other suppliers, in addition to OEMs (original equipment manufacturers).

"Periodically adding manufacturing data saves time for our customers while also providing costing comparison options," remarks Thomas Charkiewicz, CEO of MTI Systems, "...two reasons why OEMs worldwide select Costimator for 'should cost' and 'target' pricing."

Thanks to new technological improvements, CNC Plasma has recently emerged as an excellent choice for cutting various kinds of metal sheet or plate with high precision. Realized savings begin with the initial purchase, followed by reduced maintenance and operational costs. (Note: A new plasma table may cost $50k vs. a "used" laser at 2-3x that price.)

"Finding manufacturing data is time consuming," says Charkiewicz. "Updates are invaluable for OEMs. They procure parts from hundreds of suppliers with different processing capabilities."

CNC plasma works differently than a typical welding torch - a jet of compressed air (inert gas) is used and a high voltage charge is applied. Once the gas is ionized, and a "very high" temperature is reached, it's called plasma. Former plasma cutters lack precision and typically cut metal in more of a blunt way, whereas HyDefinition, patented by Hypertherm, enables plasma flame to cut metal without affecting its surroundings.

"Many metal fabricators think all plasma cutting systems produce the same result. I hear comments like 'CNC plasma cut holes out-of round and have serious tolerance issues', or 'plasma cutting systems use excess consumables increasing the cost'," said Jim Colt, account manager, Hypertherm. "Plasma cutting has gone through a major long term engineering evolution that has really changed and refined the technology."

Plasma benefits verses laser includes:
- Accommodates extreme tolerances -- reserved for lasers.
- Cuts thicker material -- easier than laser.
- Reduced start up -- no preheating.
- Reduced hazards -- no explosive gases.
- Lower costs -- reduced secondary operations.

"We strive to help manufacturers save time and money with their estimating," adds Charkiewicz. "It's not just features that make estimating software powerful... but also the manufacturing data it contains."

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"Prior to implementing Costimator every estimator used their own spreadsheet, which lead to quotes that were drastically inconsistent, resulting in lost business."

- Pedro Sousa, Sales and Marketing Director, MCG-Portugal

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