Costimator Improves Estimating Speed for Mattson/Witt Precision Products


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(West Springfield – July, 2012) - (West Springfield, MA) MTI Systems, Inc. has announced today that since implementing the company's Costimator cost estimating software, Mattson/Witt Precision Products, Inc. (Barrington, IL) has dramatically improved the consistency and speed of their cost-estimating process.

"Often times, we quoted similar parts to the same customer," said Kevin Graff, director of operations." When they see wild fluctuations in pricing, they tend to lose confidence. Occasionally, this put us in a position to have to defend pricing forcing us to review all parts again, thus wasting valuable time and resources."

"The final puzzle piece was finding a consistent platform for multiple users so everyone was singing from the same sheet of music" - Kevin Graff, Mattson/Witt Precision, Products Inc.

Mattson/Witt Precision Products, Inc., an innovator in the water treatment industry, pioneered the plastic brine valve and they are known for being the go-to company for plastic component solutions. They developed a strong reputation for their workmanship & service -- and wanted to ensure their quoting was more consistent. Costimator proved to be the answer.

"The final puzzle piece was finding a consistent platform for multiple users so everyone was singing from the same sheet of music," Graff explained. "With Costimator we saw that it came filled with virtually every machine available with the manufacturers recommended feeds and speeds. Now, simple & complex parts are quoted systematically and quickly with a high degree of accuracy."

Read their case study – Costimator proves to be " the final piece of the puzzle" for Mattson/Witt Precision Products, Inc. and learn how this cost-estimating software helped to boost their ability to quote faster and more accurately.

Costimator was first developed in 1982 to help manufacturers estimate parts and processes. Whether machining, fabrication or mechanical assembly, it helps companies calculate cycle time and the cost of manufacturing a part or product assembly based on their equipment and their shop rates. Recently, the software has expanded its capabilities to include meeting the needs of a wide variety of OEM's – ranging from the defense & aerospace industries, to medical, automotive and consumer product manufacturers.

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MTI Systems provides cost estimating software and estimation services for the manufacturing industry, serving both suppliers and OEM's. Worldwide implementations exceed 1,300 companies, with over 10,000 trained users to date. For more details on the company's products and services, contact MTI Systems, 1111 Elm Street, Suite 6, West Springfield, MA 01089, Ph. 413-733-1972, Fax 413-739-9250, email: [email protected]

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"Costimator provides the ease and ability to add new tools, work centers and other manufacturing data quickly and easily. That cut our estimating time by 50%."

- Thomas Kasyan, Estimator, AAR Precision System

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