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A little bit about MIG Welding

Cost Model

Gas Metal Arc Welding, more commonly referred to as MIG (Metal Inert Gas) welding, uses a torch-style electrode attached to a spool of wire and a wire feeding mechanism. GMAW uses an electric arc between the work and the applied stock to generate heat for the weld pool. In GMAW systems, however, the torch maintains a standard distance from the work while a mechanism, typically mounted away from the torch on the power supply, feeds the weld material, in wire form, into the weld pool. As the tool standoff is constant, less effort is typically required to evenly apply a GMAW weld. GMAW eliminates the need to continually stop and replace electrodes since welding can continue as long as there is wire on the spool. Gas Metal Arc Welding, is the use of a constant flow of inert (non-reactive) gas around the weld pool. This is used to protect the integrity of the weld. The use of gas also makes for faster cleanup of the weld.

Welding Cost Model

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