The Client

TiMSA ManufacturaTIMSA is a company with more than 50 years experience in the metalworking field. We specialize in manufacturing industrial parts and components for all industries in general. We currently provide our services the most important industrial companies in Monterrey. Our commitment has led us to make changes in our manufacturing and quality control system, in order to assure a better product and service offering with top quality in workmanchip and better response and delivery times. We are certified by our ISO 9001:2015 international standard.

The Problem

The main quoting challenges that became critical were to quote dozens to
hundreds of projects from single to multiple processes involved each one, in a
short period of time and as accurate as possible.

How Costimator Helped

With help of the 3Dfx module, quoting has become a simple task. In a matter of
couple clicks it is possible to determine a routing process with very accurate
times and prices, reducing this process to a couple minutes and maximizing the
chances of winning projects.

In terms of time management, our team can complete much more quotes faster
and more accurately, improving the productivity and maximizing the use of

The MTI systems team is made up of highly skilled, experienced and very
supportive staff that has made the onboarding and training process a great
experience. The software is amazingly friendly and easy to configure and adapt to the
customer needs, just a couple of clicks and you're ready to go.

The support team is very skilled, experienced and agile, capable of solving technical doubts and/or issues very fast by using technological platforms such as

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"3Dfx is the most valuable feature of this software, followed by the previous visualization of many reports such as estimated prices, manufacturing routes
and more."

- Roberto Martinez, Manufacturing Manager

Estimating Software