Costimator Brings Cost Estimating Confidence to Surry Logistix

Surry Logistix Case Study

The Client

Surry Logistix Surry Logistix provides full-service, close-tolerance contract machining of small parts and laser cutting of various armor and mild steel components. In addition to these machining services, the company is a sourcing point for HUMVEE® vehicle parts. Their manufacturing plant is located in Mt. Airy, North Carolina. From this base, they are poised to meet the demands of armored vehicle and related products manufacturers throughout the USA.

The Problem

Surry Logistix Before their purchase of Costimator in 2013, the company was using an Excel spreadsheet to estimate work. Labor hours were being developed solely by the experience of a single estimator. According to Surry Logistix' Project Manager, Bill Gately, "Our estimating relied solely on our own experience, and just one person could do the estimating. There was also a large risk of errors being made, leading to inaccurate estimates and jobs either being lost or won at a smaller than desired profit margin."

How Costimator Helped

Purchasing Costimator improved Surry Logistix estimates and quote turnover leaps and bounds. "Costimator gives us a sense of comfort that our cost estimating is accurate." said Gately. "Costimator allows several office personnel to produce estimates that we have the confidence in using." As opposed to one employee doing all of the estimating for the entire company, Surry was able to train all of their employees to estimate using Costimator.

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