The Client

Schuette Metals Schuette Metals of Wisconsin started out as a two-person job shop in 1973. Today, they have 112,000 square feet of manufacturing capability in a controlled environment to work on a variety of fabrication projects. Schuette Metals was granted their ISO 9001:2008 certification in January 2011.

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The Problem

Schuette Metals Before implementing Costimator, Schuette Metals used an ERP system to provide estimates. Labor hours were being estimated using standards developed from time studies on previous jobs. The company faced many cost estimating challenges, including the ability to meet RFQ deadlines, lacking consistency from one estimator to another, and at times, quoting accuracy.

How Costimator Helped

Schuette Metals purchasing Costimator in 2015. According to Max Gillette, Project/ Sales Engineering Manager at Schuette Metals, "The company has noted improvements in estimating speed and consistency. We like the fact that all of the estimates and calculations are all in one central location. We no longer have to run the calculation in one program, then input the information into our ERP program to generate a quote."

According to Gillette, the main deciding factor in Schuette Metals' decision to purchase Costimator was the amount of manufacturing data that the system contained out of the box. "We felt Costimator had a great library of information that we could use."

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"Without a doubt, our favorite feature of Costimator is its Cost Models. Everyone from sales to management can use the software. The cost models we need are almost all included in the software and what little isn't – you can program yourself to customize it to your needs."

- Aaron Harrison, Manager of Product Estimating, United Gear and Assembly

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