Should Cost Predictions

Wish you had a way to predict the true cost of production on your manufacturing process with Should Cost Predictions? Costimator is being used by leading manufactures and engineers around the world and who have found it to be far better than traditional costing practices.

Costimator is helping customers save millions of dollars in lost revenue by accurately predicting manufacturing process cost and time. Find out how Costimator will help you to optimize your production process and give you an unfair advantage!

The Dilemma of Should Cost Estimating

Problem: Getting a realistic estimate for the cost of production is complicated and time-consuming, not to mention expensive, for instance.

Agitate: Do you know the cost of your production? How much will it cost to produce one more unit? What would be the monthly costs if you hire an additional staff? What if there’s an increase in raw material prices? All these questions can only be answered by calculating the true cost of production, but, it takes too long and costs too much.

Solve: With “Should Cost” Estimating Software, getting accurate estimates is easier than ever! Moreover, this reliable tool has all the formulas and data that you need to accurately calculate your production costs.

“The two main uses we have for Costimator is should cost  and quoting. Since we have taken on Costimator we’ve doubled the size of our company. Being accurate on our quoting and get them out the door right away is what helped us land that business.”  – Aaron Harrison
Manager of Product Estimating – United Gear and Assembly

Industry Validated Data – Should Cost Estimating 

Centralized Database – Costimator Cost Estimating Software is database driven. Why is this good? Because, it enables you to store, access and retrieve all of your estimating and quoting information from a centralized location. 

You are going to be excited to learn that this software comes with over 20 databases! Therefore, enables estimators quickly access the data to greatly improve the speed, accuracy and consistency of their quotes. 

Manufacturing Processes – Costimator supports the cost estimating and quoting of over 300 different manufacturing processes. Including, all forms of machining, fabricating, welding, plastic manufacturing, electronics and assembly. 

The software contains hundreds of pre-built and industry validated cost models that help estimators. Therefore, you will discover how to quickly and accurately calculate set-up and cycle times with the highest degree of consistency.

Should Costing Should Be Reliable

Costimator cost estimating software is specifically designed for machine shops and sheet metal fabricators. You will discover how it is helping them deliver accurate quotes quickly, thus, leading to more profitable jobs.

If you are interested in learning more about pricing, offer details or a demo, please contact us or call: 413-733-1972.

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