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WEST SPRINGFIELD, MA – Sept 19, 2014 – MTI Systems announced today that three US fabrication shops have chosen to implement their Costimator® cost estimating software to help them increase their speed, accuracy, and consistency during their critical sales and quoting processes.

Cost Estimating Software for QuotingYetter Manufacturing, Ad-Vance Magnetics, Inc., and Carver Machine Works are all fabrication companies (fab shops) that specialize in fabricating parts and assemblies out of raw metal materials such as carbon, stainless steel, and aluminum. The main fabrication processes are cutting (sheer, laser, plasma, waterjet), bending (press brake) and assembly (welding, mechanical, electrical).

Manufacturers of all types choose Costimator to help them increase their cost estimating and quoting speed, accuracy and consistency – criteria important for both short and long-term profits and for winning orders. Since 1982, over 1,500 manufacturers worldwide have implemented Costimator®. The cost estimating software supports estimating and quoting of all forms of machining, fabrication, plastic manufacturing, assembly, and more. It is used to estimate all of the time and cost elements associated with the manufacturing of a part or assembly- including machine set-up, cycle time, part handling, and more.

 Many fabricators have no systematic, scientific way of estimating labor hours… which can lead to drastic inconsistencies in their quotes.” 

– David LaJoie, 
MTI Systems

"Many fabricators have no systematic, scientific way of estimating labor hours, instead of relying on the experience of their estimators – which can lead to drastic inconsistencies in their quotes," comments David LaJoie, Product Manager at MTI Systems. "Costimator has formula-driven and time tested cost models that enable estimators to quickly generate quotes that are both consistent, from estimator to estimator, and accurate – which is key to continuously winning profitable business."

"Since the installation of the Costimator system, we have become master machine shop estimators! It was quite easy even for an individual whom had absolutely no hands-on experience in machining. The set up and installation time was inconsequential and now we are reaping the benefits with increased profits! Hats off to MTI for providing a superior product and excellent support as well, keep up the good work guys!" 

- Teri Lerew, President, Aerofab

About MTI Systems, Inc.

Established in 1982, MTI Systems is a leading provider of cost estimating software solutions for the manufacturing industry, serving over 2,000 suppliers, OEMs and engineering firms worldwide. The company is headquartered at 1111 Elm Street, Suite 6, West Springfield, MA 01089.

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