Costimator – Cost Estimating Software for Manufacturers

McNally Industries, LLC, selects Costimator®  to better streamline their cost estimating process, increase estimating speed, and enhance the accuracy of their quotations.

Based out of Colorado, McNally Industries is a full-service manufacturer that provides product design, testing and build-to-print manufacturing services. The company serves a wide variety of organizations and industries, but is perhaps best known for its work with the United States Department of Defense. They are also the world’s largest prime contractor for hydro-mechanical and electro-mechanical systems, producing complex, precision-machined components for critical defense and aerospace applications.


“We missed out on a lot of RFQ’s that could have been great fits for our company. Now with Costimator®, we can produce our quotes with far greater speed, accuracy and consistency than we did before.  It’s a total process improvement.”


– Nick Pherneton, Estimating Engineer, McNally Industries, LLC

Read more in their case study:  “Estimating Software Provides Consistency to McNally Industries”


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