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Manufacturing regrowth and the talent required to help U.S. manufacturers regain momentum has recently been reviewed in this report:  “Boiling point? The skills gap in U.S. manufacturing“.

Listed below are questions this report seeks to address and provides an overview of some of the issues facing manufacturers today. 

  • What impact is the skills gap having on company performance?
  • Although the skills gap issue isn’t new, how is it evolving in the face of continued economic and competitive challenges?
  • Which manufacturing jobs are being affect the most?
  • What does the future of talent look like?
  • What upcoming trends are companies preparing for today?
  • How fast are these changes happening?

Effectively knowing costing and having cost estimating skills early on in any manufacturing related career, can help American manufacturers increase their overall competitiveness. This program provides a faster way for more students to be more successfully trained through the Costimator® software used today by manufacturing suppliers and OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) worldwide.

“Our business relies on Costimator! As estimators leave our company we need to replace them. It’s great to hear that MTI Systems is helping to increase cost estimating training for college students on the cost estimating software we use.  Costing and a high focus on cost reductions should be at the forefront of every manufacturing employee. Their new program can save us significant time during our hiring and employee training process, as well as, in hiring more cost savvy employees. Saving time converts to saving money. Just one more thing they [MTI System] does to help us be more competitive in our marketplace. Thanks MTI Systems!”

— Kim Fandry, Engineering Manager, Chief Industries, Inc.  (MTI Systems customer).

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