Estimating with CAD

Quote Faster By Utilizing CAD Data

Costimator users who have access to 3D Models can take advantage of the systems 3Dfx tool, which has proven to reduce estimating time by as much 90%.

3Dfx is a universal CAD viewer with built-in feature recognition technology. Estimators can select various out-of-the-box process templates (or ones they have created) and utilize CAD data to automatically generate a complete and accurate cost estimate.

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Estimating without CAD

Estimate Labor Times & Costs Quickly & Easily

Welding calculator making the estimating process fast and accurate

Costimator contains hundreds of easy to use, time tested and industry validated cost models that enable estimators to calculate cycle times and costs for a wide range of manufacturing processes, including milling, drilling, turning, EDM, laser, waterjet, plasma, press brake, stamping, injection molding, welding, assembly, coatings, packaging, shipping and hundreds more.

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Manufacturing Data Library

Centralized Database Maximizes Data Integrity and Minimizes Data Redundancy

Costimator Cost Estimating Software is database driven, enabling you to store, access and retrieve all of your estimating and quoting information from a centralized location.

Estimators can quickly access and utilize the same data, drastically increasing the speed, accuracy and consistency of their quotes.

Costimator comes with over 20 different databases including the following:

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Costimator is a database driven estimating system.
  • Part Master
  • Quote Master
  • Customer
  • Work Centers
  • Cost Modeler
  • Speeds & Feeds
  • Raw Material Pricing
  • Purchased Item Pricing
  • Outside Services Pricing
Easy to Use

Minimal Manufacturing Experience Required
Cost Estimating and Quoting Software

Costimator is designed so that users with minimal experience can quickly develop an accurate estimate.

Cost Estimating Software for Manufacturing Why Choose Costimator
ERP/MRP Integration

Costimator Eliminates Costly Data Entry Time and Errors

Costimator is integrated with many of the most prominent ERP/MRP systems serving the manufacturing industry.

Costimator comes complete with import/export tools, including scripts to export estimated data into XML files, which can be used to import cost estimate data into a 3rd party application such as Epicor, JobBoss, E2, or ProfitKey.
ERP-MRP Integration

Button demonstrating Costimators potential to integrate with ERP software.