Hundreds of fabrication process cost models

Fast, Accurate, Consistent Cost Estimating of Sheet Metal Parts and Assemblies

Costimator contains hundreds of fabrication process cost models that make estimating sheet metal parts and assembly a breeze.

Users that have access to 3D models can utilize the system's 3Dfx tool to:

  • Automatically generate manufacturing routings and cycle times. Eliminate cost model data entry.
  • Flat perimeter distances as well as the distances for internal cutouts and holes are automatically fed to operations like laser, plasma, and waterjet.
  • Customizable routing templates can include your manufacturing rules and strategies to ensure the right processes are chosen for the estimators, enabling users with little to no manufacturing experience to use the system.
Supported 3Dfx CAD File Formats
Sheet metal part estimating example in Costimator.
Utilize CAD to Expedite Estimating Time by up to 90%

3Dfx for Sheet Metal Parts Fabrication Estimating

Very fast fabrication cost estimating and quoting software for sheet metal parts with hundreds of cost models.

The Sheet Metal feature recognition library within 3Dfx recognizes a wide variety of fabrication features (perimeter, internal cutouts, bends, etc.).

The feature parameters are automatically mapped to the appropriate Costimator cost models to quickly and accurately calculate cycle times and costs.


Supported 3Dfx Sheet Metal Features

Supported 3Dfx Sheet Metal Features Costimator
Standardized, Industry Validated Cost Models

Sheet Metal Fabrication Cost Models

Standardized, Industry Validated Cost Models Bring Speed, Accuracy and Consistency to the Sheet Metal Estimating Process

Costimator comes out-of-the-box with hundreds of sheet metal process cost models that enable shops to significantly increase their quoting throughput while bringing a high degree of accuracy and consistency to their estimating process.

The result is a considerable increase in your RFQ win percentage, revenues and profitability.

Picture of a laser cutting time calculator in Costimator, one of the hundreds of cost models that come with the system.
Case Studies

Gardner Manufacturing

Gardner Manufacturing has provides custom sheet metal manufacturing to a variety of industries. Gardner's 160,000 sq. foot facility features a robust array of manufacturing capabilities including a sheet metal fabrication, welding and a paint facility.

"Prior to using Costimator we were using long-hand forms causing inconsistencies throughout our quoting process. Costimator has been a complete game changer for us."

Dean Ravanelli, Engineer & Estimator
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