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Aaron Harrison, Manager of Product Estimating, shares how Costimator makes a difference at United Gear & Assembly, Inc. based out of Hudson, Wisconsin.

“ Since we’ve taken on Costimator, and used it, we’ve doubled the size of our company.” - Aaron Harrison, United Gear and Assembly, Inc.

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As an MTI Systems training applications engineer, I have the good fortune of visiting some fantastic places and companies in North America. In January 2011, I had a great opportunity to train engineers in China on how to use Costimator, our cost estimating software. I was nervous and anxious to experience the china culture, for the first time, and to train an Asian company who is part of one of the world’s fastest growing manufacturing markets.

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Most manufacturing engineers would agree, one of the toughest parts to estimate is a multiple axis part.

Multiple axis partFor consistently accurate estimating of multiple axis parts, shops have had to take the time to write a CNC program. This is very time consuming and the CNC programmer may not always be available. This could result in bad estimates shot from the hip.

Good news! That problem has been resolved with the use of “Cost Modeler” and Costimator Version 11. This new feature enables estimators to instantly and accurately complete the estimate - without using up the valuable time of a CNC programmer.

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Estimating the time and cost of manufactured parts and processes, with cost estimating  software, continues to get easier and more effective with state of the art technology found in Costimator.

Customers who have been using Costimator as far back as 1995, claim that some of the latest features – just released in version 11 – make cost estimating something they enjoy.

“Costimator V11 is Sweet!

An excellent upgrade!

I’ve been using Costimator since 1995. New features in V11 increases our estimating speed, consistency, and accuracy which helps us deliver fast quotes to be more competitive!

I really enjoy being a cost estimator with Costimator.”

- Spence Lefevre, Klune Industries

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COSTIMATOR® Slashes Machine Shop’s Cost Estimating Time, Boosting Quoting Accuracy, Consistency and Profitability

When Gary Cassidy was hired as General Manager at Wayne Machine in the fall of 2007, he began to look for new methods and technologies that could help the Wooster, Ohio, precision machine shop increase its efficiency and productivity. One of his first moves was to acquire COSTIMATOR® by MTI Systems, an industry leader of computerized cost estimating software systems for manufacturers worldwide.

The transition to computerized estimating was quick. Although the estimators were relatively inexperienced on computersThe cost estimating software purchase, made in December, paid off quickly.  The company’s two-man cost estimating department previously used manual methods, relying almost entirely on their machining experience to estimate feeds and speeds, factor in handling times, account for machine wear and tear and the many other factors that go into job quoting.

“The estimators knew their shop’s machine and production capabilities cold,” Cassidy said, “but there were many opportunities for miscalculations and inconsistencies during the quoting process.”

 A check of manual machining estimates compiled over several years found a variety of significant variations between quotes of the same or similar parts.

Read more about Wayne Machine and their Machining Estimating experience.

About Costimator

Costimator is used for machining, fabrication, injection molding and the assembly of parts and products.

Providing great cost estimates and quotes, to most effectively win more profitable jobs, is not as easy as it might appear.

There are many reasons why estimators and manufacturing engineers struggle to provide consistently accurate estimates in a timely fashion. Here at MTI Systems, we have worked with hundreds of customers, with our cost estimating software and estimating services, and we provide many solutions to help companies be more consistently accurate estimates in their marketplace. Please watch the video below and learn how Costimator and MTI Systems can help you.

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Upon installing Costimator version 11 (just released in November of 2010) our customer , Gene Thompson from Dynamic Metals, has the following to share:

“The drag & drop feature, inside of Costimator Version 11, saves us time and reduces data entry errors. We can instantly copy or move any operations or details between or within estimates. Using the new “tab interface” feature, it allows us to drag parts, quotes, and graphs into multiple frames. This saves us both preparation and review time and provides a convenient way to analyze the information.”   - Gene Thompson, Dynamic Metals

You can learn about more time saving features through a personal “live” demonstration. For more information please contact us: 800-644-4318


WEST SPRINGFIELD, MA – November 4, 2010 – MTI Systems, the leading provider of cost estimating solutions for manufacturing, today announced the release of the latest version of Costimator, Version 11.0.

“Version 11 was developed to make the user experience easier and more productive while continuing to improve the speed and accuracy of the results.” comments Mr. David LaJoie, Vice President of Sales & Marketing at MTI Systems. “In the latest release, Costimator has undergone a major change to the look and feel of the application. The necessity to be configured easily still remains one of the most important benefits Costimator has over any other program, and the latest version further enhances its ease of use.”

A few of the new features contained in Version 11 are described below.

Enhanced User Interface
The estimator work screen has an improved look and feel that provides greater ease of use through the addition of multiple tabs, customizable tool bars, and helpful images.

Expanded Drag and Drop Functionality
The speed and consistency of estimating is significantly improved by enabling users to move or copy operations and details within or between multiple estimates.

New and Updated Cost Models
Over 100 new cost models were added in the areas of Tooling, Fixtures, Product Models, Process Models, Machining and Fabrication Features.

Improved Systems Management
When used in a wide area network (WAN) using Terminal Services, IT administration has been simplified allowing selection of user’s paths and implementation after initial setup.

New Product/Pricing Matrix
Costimator is now available in three versions (Express, Professional, and Premium) and 2 licensing options (Perpetual, Subscription), allowing companies to tailor their system to their requirements and budget.

To request a copy of the Costimator Product/Pricing Matrix, click here.

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Our NEW website now includes “Live Chat.” This makes it easier for more people to learn how Costimator can help them with cost estimating and quoting challenges they face.

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