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flat-line-profitsMany manufacturing suppliers and OEMs relate “shoring” terms, such as offshoring, reshoring and nearshoring, as strategic ways to be more competitive  – specific to estimating the cost for the parts the make or buy.

The decisions they stimulate are inclined to reduce manufacturing costs, increase part quality and improve the delivery of parts and products for competitive advantage – a.k.a. more profit. Continue reading

Mighty-MechanicsMTI Systems, Inc., worldwide developer of cost estimating software for manufacturers, announced today their support to the FIRST Tech Challenge robotics club, “MIGHTY Mechanics” (Agawam, MA) – striving to help inspire students interest towards a manufacturing career.

Press Release as featured on PRweb.

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Cost Estimating Article Featured on PRWEBMTI Systems Expands Costimator Support to Include Ongoing Cost Estimating Software Training at No Cost” – press release posted on PRweb.

Press release summary:  MTI Systems is offering free training classes to improve the software proficiency of their customers that use Costimator®—the company’s leading-edge cost estimating, quoting and process planning software. These sessions will be offered at MTI headquarters—with plans to launch additional training sessions on the Web. Continue reading

Alpa Precision Manufacturing Facility using Costimator cost estimating softwareAlberto Lozano, Owner and President of Alpa Precision, L.L.P, a Houston manufacturer recently shared some of their estimating success since they started using Costimator® cost estimating and quoting software.

They use a variety of CNC and EDM machines and manufacture prototype part jobs, as well as production jobs from all sectors of the energy industry. They also specialize in exotic metals such as Inconel, Titanium and MP35.

Read more details via their case study. Continue reading

Estimating-calculator2MTI Systems Adds New Cost Models for Machining & Sheet Metal Fabrication Shops” – press release posted on Prweb.

Press release summary: MTI Systems, Inc. has announced the addition of 24 new cost models to their recent V12.1 update of Costimator®. This update benefits cost estimators with more speed, accuracy, and consistency as they use the company’s flagship cost estimating software product to estimate and quote manufactured parts. Continue reading

Costimator® Cost Estimating Software Integrates Calculated Costing for JobBOSS” – press release posted on PRWEB:

Press release summary: MTI Systems, Inc. has announced that its flagship cost estimating software product Costimator®, after a recent upgrade to version 12, now integrates with the latest version of JobBOSS, version 11.7, also recently upgraded, by Exact Software. JobBOSS software is a leading shop management tool for manufacturing suppliers, such as job shops, contract manufacturers, machining and fabricating shops, as well as OEMs. Continue reading

Kroil Lubricating Oil

While many people think of WD40 when they need a way to loosen and lubricate machines or assembled parts, many estimators and manufacturing engineers who know of Kroil have a different opinion.  This lubricating product has been around since 1939 – used as a tool to help loosen frozen bolts and provide exceptionally long lasting lubrication, as well as for rust protection.

Kroil – It Loosens, Lubricates and Prevents Rust

According to the manufacturer: Continue reading

Do you estimate, quote, or sell manufactured parts to the United States Government?

Searching for RFQs (request for quotes) and finding a new source for your estimating and quoting team, can be as easy as visiting DIBBS (Defense Internet Bid Board System) – an online United States Government contracting program that helps bring manufacturing buyers and vendors together.

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Building “confidence” in the cost estimates that are created and delivered by your company can lead to quicker and more profitable job orders. First achieved, by using a systematic approach and second, by following recommended guidelines and procedures along the way.

Increased confidence can reduce internal review time.

Reduced internal review time can help to reduce labor costs for the manufacturer as other team members no longer believe they need to double-check EVERY calculation, entry or other process performed for the estimate. Continue reading

Mark your calendars for Mfg Day 2014 - The official date for next year’s worldwide educational event for fabricators, machinists and assemblers is Friday, October 3, 2014! Manufacturing day focuses on youth and technology. Watch this video and learn more. Also, join their email list to keep in touch with developing plans as they are distributed – for 2014 MFG Day.

But what’s all the hype about Manufacturing Day?  Continue reading

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