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Costimator® Product Cost Management Software Saves IBM Millions
After an extensive search of cost estimating solutions, IBM selected the Costimator product cost management software because it was customizable, included industry validated manufacturing data and best fit their overall needs and requirements.

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Jul, 2015

MTI Systems Releases Costimator V14 Software, Adding 3D CAD Feature Recognition and More

Latest version of cost-estimating software speeds estimating, enables 3D CAD feature recognition and offers enhanced data reporting.

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Jun, 2015

MTI Systems Introduces Cost Estimating Software with 3D CAD Feature Recognition

New Costimator® With 3DFX enables faster, more accurate estimates of parts via direct data from 3D CAD models.

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Mar, 2015

MTI Systems Announces Record Corporate License Sales of Costimator® Software

Quick ROI Prompts Manufacturers to Deploy Costimator® Software throughout their Enterprise...

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Beyond the Abacus

Beyond the Abacus:

How Cost Estimating Software Saves and Makes Your Business More Money

The Ultimate Challenge:
Winning the Bidding War without Losing the Profit Margin

It’s one of the more frustrating tests that any manufacturing firm must pass consistently to remain relevant and maintain growth:

The ability to submit a solid bid to potential prospects that is both competitive in the industry and realistic in terms of profit. Simply ‘winning’ the job is no longer enough—there must be an acceptable range of potential revenue to make the job worthwhile. However, winning the job and finding that acceptable revenue range within a myriad of project requirements...

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